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Stop acne and odors from sweaty adolescents.
Activated carbon soap to detox, disinfect, deodorize the athletes and adolescents in your family. "

Activated organic charcoal soap in coconut and palm oil base made of pure coconut oil and safely organic . No petro chemical odors .

UNSCENTED Organic Charcoal Soap made with Coconut Oil. A deodorizing soap and a disinfecting soap and yet safe.

A vegan, unscented bar of coconut oil soap. Nothing fancy, just a practical, long lasting, hard, hefty 5 oz bar. Made with our USP Very Fine Coconut Activated Charcoal Powder and organic olive, palm, coconut, jojoba oils and vitamin E.

Perfect for sensitive skin and those with scent sensitivities.

No Essential Oils

charcoal orgnanic soap

Saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Saponified Organic Palm Oil
Saponified Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Activated Charcoal
Vitamin E

available for your adolescent acne person

perfect for people who wish to have no personal odors

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charcoal allergy fragrance free soaps

5 bars
weighing approx. 4.5 oz each

charcoal orgnanic soap

includes shipping and tax

charcoal allergy fragrance free soaps. Deodorant and antiseptic safe to your adolescent and the men in the family that go hunting or working out

20 bars

weighing approx.4.5 oz each $120.00

charcoal orgnanic soap

share with all the people using toxic soaps around you in clinics and dentists office or at home and in your child's sniffy sneezy preschool .

charcoal orgnanic soap

30 bars
weighing approx. 4.5 oz each $189

what about educating your work mates or neighbours or even your students .

Kids cover themselves with toxic deodorants and perfumes and chemical detergents reeking of fumes that stop them concentrating and kids cannot think straight in school. Their parents are not doing any better at work

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Activated carbon soap is used to avoid infections and to help avoid spread of disease . It has a disinfecting effect without being toxic or dangerous . Holistic ancient Indian ,Egyptian and Chinese and other Asians used carbon soap remedies for odor control and to avoid infections ,skin problems and dermatitis . African people have used black soap for many years.

Carbon soap is an effective treatment for prevention of acne as it removes bacteria from the skin and in doing so improves conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. When applied to the skin, the soap is still black as it liquefies, but works into a creamy, luxurious lather that rinses away leaving your skin healthy clean and free of odors ,bacteria and fungi. Some suggest virus is also removed .

The charcoal in the soap can clean deep inside the skin pores and going deeper into the pores is better cleanser . Charcoal soap leaves no residue on the skin and allows the pores to breathe by freeing the pores of rancid old oils. This allows the free flow of natural new replenishing oils so the skin is naturally moisturized. Carbon is a bacteria static and unlike the pesticides used is such soaps as Dial and conventional anti bacterial soaps bamboo charcoal cleans the skin thoroughly and allows the body’s natural moisturizers to heal the skin. Our products will do no harm.

Charcoal powder has been used in Asia to treat eczema. and fungal infections .Try this bamboo charcoal soap to avoid all odors from bacteria. Use the bamboo soap between your toes to get rid of foot odor, athletes foot and other fungi. Charcoal is a detoxifying agent . Charcoal is antibacterial, anti viral, anti fungal and antimicrobials. Bamboo charcoal soap is ideal for people who perspire a lot in hot humid climates .
Soap with activated carbon charcoal has the ability to neutralize pathogens, microbes and fungal spores, bamboo charcoal soap is great for use in homes as well as clinics and hospitals.  Shower with our bar soap that contains active charcoal. Charcoal  draws out the bacteria and oils residing in your pores. Regular use can reduce acne and blackheads in teenagers,

We avoid standard regular antibacterial soaps

Trifocals is the usual poison used in soaps sold as deodorant .

Triclosan is now in a range of products, including soaps, kitchen cutting boards and even a best-selling toothpaste, Colgate Total. It is so prevalent that a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the chemical present in the urine of 75 percent of Americans over the age of 5.
• Several studies have shown that Triclosan may alter hormone regulation in laboratory animals or cause antibiotic resistance, and some consumer groups and members of Congress want it banned in antiseptic products like hand soap.

The F. D.A. has already said that soap with Triclosan is no more effective than washing with ordinary soap and water, a finding that manufacturers dispute. • The F. D.A. was to announce the results of its review several months ago, but now says the timing is uncertain and unlikely until next year. The Environmental Protection Agency is also looking into the safety of Triclosan. • The outcome of the federal inquiries poses a significant risk to the makers of antimicrobials and antibacterial hand soaps, which represent about half of the $750 million market for liquid hand soaps in the United States, according to the market research firm Kline & Company. • Many of those soaps use Triclosan as the active ingredient and say so on the label. Dial Complete is the fifth-best-selling liquid hand soap in the nation, according to data collected from most major stores (except for Wal-Mart) by Symphony IRI Group, a Chicago-based market research firm.

With the absorption of impurities and odors by the charcoal, pure activated charcoal soap acts as a deodorant.

No pesticides or fertilizers need be used as this crop is a sustainable environmentally safe ecological gift for our planet.

For additional safe nontoxic fragrant free and gluten free soaps check out these options

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