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for absorbing mattress fumes

Activated Carbon Fabric
for absorbing toxic car fumes

Photocatalytic Spray
for mold remediation
tobacco and wildfire smoke, pet odors

Mystical NonToxic Cleaner
lifts formaldehyde and vinyl fumes, yet safe for wool and silk

Natural Zeolite
mineral absorbs odors and dampness; also used for soil remediation

TuTuff Vapor Barrier
Non-toxic moisture and wind barrier sheeting for construction. Seal out mold and bad odors and protect what is clean.


Royal Pedic Mattresses

Royal Pedic Vegan

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absorbant wool pads,
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Ramblin Wood - Dapwood
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Talalay 7" from Royal Pedic

7 and 10 inch from Dunlop

Make Your Own Mattress
natural rubber cores and cotton covering options


Mattress Protection

Organic Wool Pillows

Certified Merino
Comforters and Toppers


AirPura from Canada
6 models with NO odorous plastic or vinyl parts--read more at Why AirPura?


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Sprite Shower Unit


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Earthweave Wool Carpeting

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Indestructible non toxic odor free Vapor Barrier for buildings , basements, shower units ,crawl spaces and emergency unexpected rain , damp snow melt , radon treatment and more.

Free roll of tape for orders over 2000 square ft.

Usual price $55 for 100 linear ft

Mold does not grow on this vapor barrier .If you have mold in the ceiling of your basement treat it first with photocatalytic spray and light to eradicate the mold before you put down the tutuff. f the old is from the soil in the crawl space try zeolite first . bulk pricing is less .

If you have a odor problem in your crawl space or basement check out our coconut carbon.




roll odftutuff

1 800 968 9355

Effective sealing of all building surfaces is of the utmost importance in any new construction or retrofit project. A good seal will ensure less air infiltration, drier insulation and building interior, and will ease radon problems. Less infiltration equals a warmer, easier to heat structure. We carry a specialty product that offer many advantages over the standard 6 mil polyethylene vapor barrier.

Air and vapor barrier Tu Tuff is a impenetrable vapor barrier successfully stopping air and moisture penetration in your new home or renovation. TuTuff is used to wrap and envelope houses, commercial building, barns , factories, store rooms and warehouses when you wish to avoid mold and moisture penetration. Ceilings and walls up to the windows and doors are enveloped. Foundations are wrapped around the outside perimeter from the base to ground level and Tu Tuff vapor barrier is laid under the concrete flooring to prevent moisture penetration and dampness rising from the ground to the floor level . Tu Tuff is cross laminated and has 3.6 times tensile strength and 6.4 times the puncture resistance of standard 4 mil low density poly. It is pinhole free.

roll odftutuff

Typical barriers do not compare to tough tutuff and there is no plastic chemical odor or disintegration of plastic when it comes in contact with damp soil . Mold will not grow on the tutuff . With this moisture and wind control quality TuTuff prevents moisture and wind chill. The home you build , the warehouse, barn, factory, work shop or storage facility you construct in any any climate will be warmer, drier and less energy will be wasted in heating in the winter and cooling in summer. Moisture will be at a minimum. Sealing effectively and efficiently is important to your construction of home or commercial building . New construction, remediated building, remodeled retrofit projects all require vapor and moisture control and barriers . Efficiently sealing your property guarantees less air infiltration, a drier insulation and a dry building interior. Tutuff will alleviate radon gas problems. Less infiltration or damp moisture equals a warmer, easier to heat or cool structure and avoidance of mold and mildew in your insulation.


TU TUFF VAPOR BARRIER is much improved compared to standard 6 mil polyethylene or 4 mil barrier. Improving the building envelope is a great advantage.

Constructions can be "enveloped. The entire structure is enclosed by a vapor barrier. From under the basement or ground floor concrete slab, up the walls, across the attic and down again, the vapor barrier provides an airtight envelope.

To control moisture migration on a slab put down crushed rock bed of at least 4" (for drainage - you may need to gravity drain this with perforated drain tile), then the tutuff moisture barrier, (sand is not a moisture barrier). On top of this put a 2" layer of clean sand and pour the slab on that. The sand protects the moisture barrier and allows the slab to cure evenly. All your construction needs to be are, quite "enveloped." and enclosed by a vapor barrier. All seams are sealed with 3M vapor barrier tape, the barrier is taped and caulked around windows and doors, and plastic airtight boxes enclose all electrical outlets. Tu-Tuff stays stapled. Tu-Tuff is designed to minimize the problems of moisture penetration and dampness. Tu-Tuff is handy, above & below ground.

Interior Walls - Tu-Tuff is generally to be placed over the warmer, more moist side of your insulation material (usually between interior insulation & interior walls).

Foundations & Slabs - Wrap Tu-Tuff around your outside perimeter from base to ground level.

Pinhole Resistant- Tu-Tuff is actually pin hole free, an impossibility with typical vb's Tensile Strength - 8507 psi, 34 lbs. per inch (Tu-Tuff tensile strength is 3.6 x's greater than other vapor barriers)

Puncture Resistance - 275.8 beach units; 6.4x's more puncture resistant than industry standard (4-mil poly)

Damp air can compromise the effectiveness of your insulation. Insulation offers comfort & savings in heating and cooling. A vapor barrier will help maintain insulation performance over the long-term.

Tu-Tuff is a cross-laminated virgin poly-sheeting, made from high density resins. That means it's strong, durable, & condensation unfriendly! Tutuff 4mm is white or black with a smooth texture.

Tu Tuff stops moisture and wind chill, making your structure warmer, drier, and easier to heat with less energy. to ground level. Place Tu-Tuff under concrete flooring.

SPECS Color - White Texture - Smooth Thickness - 4 mil Vapor Permeance - 0.00741 Dimensions

phone 1 800 968 9355

for agricultural applications please fax or e mail your needs .
Tape to seal tutuff of 200 linear feet x 4 inches is $50 and $10 to ship . Snow, sump pump area, ,rain, and bad weather can cause too much water in basements and attics . Call for samples. 1 800 968 9355


Size Price Shipping  

(1) roll 100 ft x 5 ft

4mm surpasses usual 6mm vapor barrier

$100 $20

(2) rolls100 ft x 5 ft

4mm surpasses usual 6mm vapor barrier

$200 $ 35


(1) roll 100 ft x 20 ft

4mm tutuff surpasses usual 6mm

$325 $50

(2) rolls 100 ft x 20 ft

4mm tutuff surpasses usual 6mm

$625 $60

(3) rolls 100 ft x 20 ft

4mm tutuff surpasses usual 6mm

$900 $100

(4) rolls 100 ft x 20 ft

4mm tutuff surpasses usual 6mm

$1100 $120

Samples -use over one window - store items in a damp garage or basement or loft

Size Price Shipping SAMPLES

(1) roll 10 ft x 5 ft

4mm surpasses usual 6mm vapor barrier

$24 -

1 800 968 9355 phone

20 ft rolls are best for use in agriculture to protect plants from weeds growing from the soil or to protect from frost, cold or wind damage. The tutuff can b hosed down and stored for many years and will not disintegrate with use. Mold will not grow on the surface.

tutff use

call or e mail for samples

1 800 968 9355


water creates mold
Storm and flood water damage brings in polluted materials
Fungi and musty odor.
wood swells and warps
Wet Drywall swells l and disintegrates.
metal surfaces rust.
Door and window casings swell and warp or split.
Wood decking, joists, studs swell, warp and split.
Electronic components malfunction.
Health damage from Mold injures you for life
Compromised immune systems cause chronic ill health.tutuff