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Activated Carbon felt for absorbing mattress fumes

Activated Carbon fabric for absorbing toxic car fumes



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Carbon Dust Free Fabric from Anthracite-use Doubled

The thin black anthracite fabric has one percent adhesive to hold the carbon particles together. It can be sewn into curtains, useful for areas where there are forest fires or leaking fumes from neighbors, tobacco, laundry or other odors. Use to absorb old odors from drawers and shelves, sofas and recliners or camper beds. Use in new cars to cover car seats.  It lasts a long time. Fabric can be rinsed or hosed down and air dried. Absorbs odors so you can cover windows to block fumes coming inside the house or room. Removes chemical odors from clothing and can decontaminate washing machines and dryers. Can also be used for mattresses if covered well.
 Can be hosed down in shower and air dry on 2 sides and used many times.

we will be not ordering more once this batch is sold

Activated Carbon Coconut Material  

 Use as anthracite fabric but consider slight amount of dust especially if asthmatic or sensitive to particles. Use for windows to protect from fire smoke or fumes, mold odors, basements crawl spaces, lofts, belongings in storage.   Its sturdy and worth having some on hand for emergencies. It’s ok to sit on this when traveling and it will hold up for a long time.
Use with tu-tuff for radon control in crawl spaces or basements
Use the anthracite fabric and not this coconut fabric if asthmatic.

Flexzorb Highest Medical Quality
Odor Absorption and Viral Deterrent
Flexzorb™ AC Cloth is useful for covering hair face and nose or mouth when your air is hazardous.  If can cut carefully you can 5 or 6 longs scarves from this length of material. The cloth can be rinsed carefully, washed in lukewarm water and washing soda only air dried, and reused. Wash by hand and never let it be exposed to hot air or water, dry-cleaning, bleach or detergents. Used for wounds by the military. Will last years. Used for sheets for hospital stays. 

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Carbon Fabric from Anthracite

is suitable for sitting on in a new or used car. Can be rinsed and/or hosed under tap and dried in air. It is used to block fumes from neighbours smoking , fire smoke, outdoor fumes from laundry products like downy or other toxic fragrances. Carbon fabric can be used for blocking fumes on inside or outside windows or seat covers for new car fumes.

It works best when doubled .

10 meters is $79

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carbon fabric

Coconut carbon fabric
somewhat sturdier -
can be washed or even used to remove odors from new washing machines or washing machines in public laundromats.

Ideal for gases like radon in basements and crawl spaces as well as mold odors in basements or lofts

carbon fabric

Carbon fabric from coconut
can be used for blocking fumes on outside windows .

Can be used for

covering odorous new furniture or new car seats. The coconut has some loose particles .If you sit on it then vacuum the furniture when you lift off to air to regenerate the carbon.
Use for covering and storing items safely in basements or lofts. Suitable to cover pink or yellow toxic insulation in attics and crawl spaces.
Use with tutuff for radon remediation. Cover soil in gardens to absorb previously used pesticides. Cover crawl space area to absorb odors. Use with tutuff and or zeolite for remediation after flooding or other moisture control



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This is an inert odor free equivalent to 6mm vapor barrier
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Carbon fabric from coconut
30 inches x 72 inches

or 2 yards $18.95

carbon roll

Carbon fabric from coconut

30 inches x 108 inches $ 26.95


Carbon fabric from coconut
2 times 108 inches $48.95






Anthracite Carbon Fabric
can be sat on , rinsed or hosed.use for windows , shelving , walls , drawers, cars or furniture

Can be used over a new mattress or sofa but cover with a thick blanket or topper or 2 fitted sheets as some odor free adhesive is used to bind the carbon together into a fabric .

Suitable to block and absorb wild fire smoke .

Block tobacco smoke, street fumes or dryer sheet fumes coming into your home .

Activated carbon ANTHRACTIE Fabric $79 for 10 meters

can be rinsed and dried in air.

For all those still suffering from fire smoke use this to cover windows .

carbon fabric

This fabric is for windows , shelving , walls drawers etc.

Can be used over sofas or cars and inside cushions to absorb new chemical fumes from any new furniture.

1 meter x 10 meters is $79
free shipping.

1 meter x 20 meters is $79 x 2

30 meters fabric $79 x 3 and free shipping to mainland usa ..

40 meters for price of 3

Perfect for covering your things in storage to absorb odors and in conjunction with tutuff your belongings will be safe indefinitely.

carbon fabric


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This particular activated carbon cloth is different from others. This activated carbon cloth is naturally antiviral, (not tested on the corona virus 19.) but  cloth will likely hold and deter most or all of the virus on the surface due to the intermolecular forces. 
Flexzorb™ has been tested by the UK's health protection agency and has been proven to be both antiviral and virucidal (when tested against surrogate virus ms2-coliphage). Due to microporous structure Flexzorb™ activated carbon cloth has an extremely large surface area.
1g of Flexzorb™ activated carbon cloth has the surface area of over half the size of a football field, this, combined with the strong electrostatic forces within the cloth, enables the cloth to be highly efficient at adsorbing both liquids and gases.
Flexzorb will definitely help with bacteria and dust and fumes as all activated carbon will. 
 If this fabric is encased in cotton or another cover these outer covers must be washed in hot water and detergents every day SEPERATELY .
 I suggest Flexzorb directly on face with no covers to avoid confusion about washing fabric outer with hot water and detergent and washing Flexzorb only with washing soda and lukewarm water separately from any other fabric or soap or detergent .
Consider making pieces of Flexzorb 5 or 6 inches by 9 inches to cover mouth and nose. And low on jaw. Ear to ear tight. Perhaps wider tighter straps or three of them
Please remember to keep the Flexzorb effective the Flexzorb must be washed with washing soda (sodium carbonate )and lukewarm water and not regular detergents and rinsed a few times and just air dry. Warm water warm air no hot sun or dryers. Use a smallish basin and no need to use a washing machine for a few pieces of Flexzorb.  
The cost is $60 a yard (this is wholesale price)and $9 shipping. For a long scarf to go over nose and face twice and tied tight a 2-yard piece is ideal. You cut with sharp scissors long stripes 72 inches long and 6 wide and you have 6 long scarves for self and family. You can always cut these scarves up into 7 inches pieces for an ear to ear mask.
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We will not be ordering more FLEXZORB AS price is very high even at wholesale

Stay safe and l keep in touch as we are likely to stop ordering any carbon.

2 yards Flexzorb x 36 inches wider $129

4 yards Flexzorb x 36 inches wider $129 x 2

12 yards Flexzorb $129 x 5 giving you a discount of $129

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